Massage Ball || Foot Pain Relief

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  •  Contain: High Density Spiky Massage ball. Sizes( 6cm,8cm)
  • Colors: Yellow,Red,Green,Blue
  • Benefits: 
  • Using tissue release balls for massage affects the fascia, a thin sheath layer of connective tissue, that covers all the organs and muscles. Tight fascia can pull the muscles out of alignment and cause pain and dysfunction. Benefits of self- massage with a lacrosse ball.
  • Here are five areas that you can release using a tissue release ball.
  • Glutes – standing at a wall, place the ball center within the glute. Push in hold tight areas 30sec. each, can also move the leg up and down while releasing.
  • Hamstring – sit on a chair high enough so your foot can hang. Lean forward while sitting hamstring on the ball, hold 30 sec. flex and extend the leg.
  • Upper trapezius – with the ball on the wall, lean into tight areas where the muscles extend from the neck into the upper back. Try to relax into restricted muscles.
  • Chest and shoulders – stand at a wall with arm extended straight behind you. Place the ball at the chest muscle, close to the armpit, relax into tight areas.
  • Plantar fascia – sit and place ball under arch of foot, lean into the ball, roll into tight areas.


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